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Matched betting spreadsheet msep

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Don't give up on your crashed heads, send them to us. ESS is easy to use. And easy to install. ESS is a fast, powerful spreadsheet that's as big as your mainframe. Spreadsheet size is limited only by your mainframe's capacity. Anyone familiiir with tliese spreadsheets can he using ESS in minutes. Macn support. Give vour people mainframe spreadsheet power at micro costs. Call us todav'. Ask about our 30 dav' ftx! Get details today. Dealer inquiries welcomed. Call or send for Name- free brochure.

Education licenses and unlimited use licenses available. You do to meet your target dates, get the best response time, and to avoid costly confusion. Our lively workshop sessions and course manual use extensive and carefully designed case studies to cover in depth the most common design problem areas Special attention is given to performance problems how to do it better , design trade-offs choosing one solution over another , and recovery considerations if the system fails.

San Francisco and Dallas Class size is limited, so applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Another round of IBM- compatible laptop micros also will be on display, with recently introduced models from Grid Systems Corp. Jazz software for the Apple Computer, Inc. Additionally, Microsoft Corp. Samna Corp. Digital Equipment Corp. Digital Communications Associates, Inc. Call General Communicatioas today!

The tools will enable user organizations, for the first time, to apply the principles of computer-aided design to the task of creating software, he explained. Automation of the pro- gram-design process is sorely needed. TI NaturalLintc: user-friendly software with a developer-friendly tool kit. TI makes it easier for developers to make software easier for PC users.

And better sales. IBM is a registered trademark cf Internationa! Business Machines Corporation. And our NaturalLink j. I 1 Please mail me more information. I I Contact me to arrange a demonstration. Box , Dept. In other words, a troubled firm needs to identify its competitive strengths and weaknes. Nothing in their past training or experience has adequately prepared MIS directors to assume their new-found, greatly expanded roles.

The result is that most MIS executives are woefully ill-equipped to deal with questions of strategic investment, Strassman said. Meeting the challenge But sooner or later, they will have to meet the increased challenge.

Individual prices for parts of the program are offered as well. The Solution. MicroFfome, Inc. In addition to this unmatched emulation capability, you also get error-free file transfer. DEC'S international 8-bit character set and the "compose" key are al. With more than. X 0 installations. Polygon is the long-term leader in the industry. Our six years in the DEC communications market as,sure you of industry leatling pnxlucts that are rugged, reliable, and ea. DEC chose Polygon's products to offer on their personal and mini computers.

Inc DIS. Speakers included Joseph T. Brophy, senior vice-president of data processing for Travelers Corp. CSW , a utility conglomerate in Texas that uses micros. End users may select whatever brand they wish. By 19! And, in only one year. Not only will you get new applications up faster, but applications and data bases will be easier to maintain.

Send the coupon for more information fast. Or call, CWF-l Software innovators creating better ways to manage business. Simply point at what you want. Sit down to work, and Touchscreen II displays a selection of application software on a high-resolution inch screen. Plotters, LaserJet and ThinkJet printers, mass storage devices, user interfaces and more are available from Hewlett-Packard. PAM also enables you to accomplish a number of common jobs—such as switching from pc to terminal mode—with a single keystroke.

Touchscreen II makes it easy to communicate. Touchscreen II enaoles you to tap into the power of these larger computers, making use of their software, databases and peripherals. These figures were directly related to the local vs, remote connectivity situation, Worthen said. With the longest companies could solve a simple problem: keeping warranty in the industry. Namely, two years on all parts and labor. And three years on the CR T. Even simpler, our warranty applies to every monitor we make, tom our new Color Senes to our amazingly popular Video Senes.

And Am. So when you're shopping for a monitor, look at the quality Amdek guarantees you, years after you leave the store. According to our figures, it really adds up. FJk Grove Vtlkge. Call The enhanced model has the same 1. Volume shipments will begin in the third quarter. Terminal security is also available for each of these access levels. They can turn on as much or as little security as they want. And start resting easy! The best-known example ; of a business using this com- bined power is American Air- 1 lines, Inc.

The process speeds loan approval and locks in mortgage customers almost as soon as they decide to buy, Synnott said. When banks install auto-. Penney Co. A ciient toid one of my generai managers that our company was one of the best kept secrets in the computer industry.

I want to prove him wrong! I've bet him that at ieast a thousand people could name our company with just these few helpful clues New York. New Jersey. Virginia; we are opening a new office in Los Angeles in May '85 as part of our expansion plans, which also include additional locations by ! Jack Bokinsky. Jim Craig. Dick Higdon. Paul Magnuson. Brendan Morgan and Dick Quigley.

Write our name on the coupon below, read the rules carefully and mail in your entry. In the event that more than one correct answer is received, a random drawing will be held on June NJ at p. Thank You. Bill Pinkerton.

President One entry or facsimile per contestant Entries must be received no later than June 15, Sponsor not responsible for lost or delayed entries Winners will be selected from a random drawing from all correct entries received Winners need not be present Odds of winning determined by number of correct entries received Prizes are not transferable No substitutions Taxes are the sole responsibility of winners Winners will be notified by mail and will be required to sign an affidavit of eligibility and release Winners may be required to consent to use of their name or likeness for advertising and trade purposes without compensation Void where prohibited or restricted by law Must be 21 years of age Open to all residents of the U.

S A , except our employees, past or present, their families and those of our affiliates, and our advertising and promotional agencies Drawing is subject to all federal, state and local laws. CXX drawing. Mail For nearly a decade, in survey after survey of the data processing community one database management system was consistently rated first in user satisfaction—IDMS. That was the promise we made. To attend a CulUnet Seminar, phone, toll-free, In MA, CuUinet We understand business bettCT than any software company in business.

Over organizations, including many Fortune companies, trust ACF2 for access control because it gives peace-of-mind against unauthorized disclosure, modification, or destruction of data. With ACF2, all data is protected automatically — by default. This avoids confusion, assignment mistakes, and oversights.

Installation is fast. Implementation is painless. All system resource accesses are monitored and controlled as they occur. A complete audit trail provides total accountability. Surprisingly, all this control uses a minimum of administrative and machine overhead. To see the security software that makes the data world your oyster, call or write John Williams direct to arrange a presentation.

Robert F. The one Loved the idea of a small, lightweight computer as powerful a? Hated the LCD screen at any angle? So you didn't buy this One'! No fit? No thanks. The One"" is not. Plug in a monitor I RGB or composite!. Serial or parallel printer. Oran Expansion Bus for hard disk, hi-res graphics. Diskettes can travel from desktop to portable and back. Smart move. It runs on AC or built-in battery. It carries comfortably in an over-the-shoulder case with room for your papers and journals.

And it computes like crazy when you get there. Our exclusive new low-power screen technology is bright, crisp and easy- to-read in any light. If you want more than Oner call Morrow direct at Check them out in person. IBM is a registered trademark of International Busine. Pivot and LumiCon are trademarks of Morrow Designs. H I line. Motorola, Inc. TOKYO —. To date, there has been little effort to monitor or discourage illegal use of software in.

It is the gateway to non-stop, round-the-clock CICS systems. It eliminates batch update constraints. It guarantees bullet proof restarts. It allows you and your batch jobs to add and remove CICS files at will, without disrupting your user community.

Let end users 1 browse time critical reports, 2 control report distribution, and 3 schedule and submit their own jobs. Facom VP is said to perform at 1. Experiencing decrea. No longer considered a regional show. According to industry sources, other West German subsidiaries of American computer vendors have lost relative market share in West Germany during These include Amdahl Corp. Among the successful American subsidiaries whose businesses all grew in West Germany la. Machines, Inc.

CMI Corp. Farley, manager of manufacturing systems implementation. The company was able to use up the excess components, rather than fabricate new items, he said. Mapper is unable to access the data base, but can pass a request to a Cobol program to pull the data from Unis out into Mapper so the user can manipulate it, he said. If the user needs help, Farley or others can assist him, he added. There are a lot. There's reliability. First we design and manufacture it into the terminal right up front.

Then we pretest and burn-in every ViewpoinT" we sell and because we do this so thoroughly, our reliability record is unsurpassed in the industry. There's a Viewpoint that will fit your particular point-of- view. We don't just approach your terminal needs from one Viewpoint.

We offer many. A 7x9 character resolution and user friendly set-up menu make the Viewpoint 60 - a pleasure to operate. Function keys are not only user programmable but allow for variable length. The Viewpoint 60 - will even support an optional second page.

So you can alternate between two independent 24 line screens or configure a single 48 line page. Then there's the programmable Viewpoint And there's who we are. So the company you're buying your terminals from is just as reliable as the terminals you buy.

For functions, features, quality and reliability—more and more companies are coming around to our Viewpoint. If for no other reason than our prices are also CMI tom page 29 Wooton. In the pa. His rnanager wanted information about the quantity on order and the quantity on hand added to the report, and Farley added the extra information in about five minutes, he said.

Then, top management saw the r'eport and asked that unit costs and extended cost data be added too. This comes out each morning, or more often if necessary, in about 20 copies, w hich are not identical, according to Farley. We provide simple solutions. Box , Philadelphia, Pa.

The grants are designed to help graduate schools prepare students to manage data bases, DP equipment and software, IBM said. IBM is located in Armonk, N. They're built tough enough to share. Everyone can use it as an "extra" computer to take home or on the road. Every small company should have one. Large companies should have one for every department. So check it out. W'e i. Even though our practices are not intrinsically illegal, they could be regarded as being in breach of contract.

Assoridtrs, is a ronsid- tiinl. People have openly recounted their abuses to me with a sense of pride of accomplishment. I would be surprised if one out of users even reads the agreement. How do you gracefiilly say that I will do any work that is remotely related to computers? I have 23 years experience in operations, programming and systems. On my resume, I stated MAY 6.

M5T 2Y1 Canada. Also being held June in Boston. By design. Synchronous data. Or any combination. Channel rates up to Because extensive diagnostic, statistical reporting, and control features are built-in. The only mux in its class that offers front panel control. For sophisticated point-to-point network control, Omnimux is way out front.

The optional front panel, with touch-sensitive switches and an easy-to-read alphanumeric display, allows all parameters, diagnostics, and system statistics to be set or read without opening the unit. Centralized control for any size network.

The multi-unit supervisory capability lets you control any number of Omnimuxes from a single central site terminal. All from your central site. And only with Racal-Milgo. To receive your j I copy, call us right now at , Ext. In I Florida, call , Ext. Or fill out and mail j I this coupon today. H2W 2P4 Canada. Box , Groton, Conn. Hut certainly no protection methodology can be effective without widespread corporate acceptance, and that is precisely what the MMA claims is missing here.

It is unclear just how seriously each side is taking the other in the software protection matter. Some Adapso members seem to regard the MMA and its protest as little more than a nuisance, although the official line from the organization is one of concern. The M. A has threatened to use its multimilhoii-dollar hiiv ing clout as leverage to eoiiiuer iiiiw anted protection schi'mes.

Adapso kiKwss thal Its memhership holds the keys to business solutions and that the M. This article supposedly deals with Cobol productivity in general and program maintenance in particular. Structured code can isolate each function of a program in a top-down format.

That is all it does. Although that is very desirable, it does not make Cobol coding more understandable. N J Washtngton. Washington, D C. Norway s Computerworld Norge. These cases represent the extremes, and neither is correct. That is an unfortunate circumstance; it does no one any good. There is a middle ground. Development of an en- Murray is director of management information services for Rayovac Corp.

The goal should be the development of a first-class installation, where both the customer and the vendors secure benefits. First set the ground rules The primary step in the development of such a relationship must be in the establishment of the ground rules.

It must not be forgotten, however, that the ultimate goal of the vendor is to increase sales. Some vendors do them. This can often be provided with little or no cost to the customer. This aspect of dealing with the vendors should be considered a value-added feature. Vendors should work harder to push this concept because it is of value to all concerned. Applying value-added features What are some of the specific areas where help can be provided? Several concerns within the data center can be used as examples.

As a result of their numerous contacts, vendors are often aware of data centers where these concerns are being effectively managed. The vendors may be able to supply the names of people in other organizations who can provide help. The vice-president just returned from a tour of another division and is bursting with new ideas — some of which involve you.

It f ought to be a big help to you in finish- - ing up that ABC system of ours. Stay calm. This means you really do have to take a good look at this new toy. If you do decide to adopt it, the reasons must be even more solid for the folks in the programming pit. They do get a little possessive about their creations.

Time is a problem Your problem is one of time. This lets everyone involved make an objective choice. The trick is to do just enough of an analysis to let the folks in the front office decide whether or not they want to fund your department for a full study. If they buy the study, you have the time and money to do a proper analysis of the new XYZ vs. Your presentation should reflect that attitude, comparing features and the costs.

Tlie Taidem V8 gives you high throughput, stores 1. Mantenaice is easy; tcx. You just add to it. TIME Tandeni matches need. The conpetition ocetspends it. With Taidem, yxiur software expaids, Uxi. So yxiu ink write applications once. Instead, each component has at least one identical copy with wiiich it sliaws the wxirkload No single lalure can shut you dow n. Gov ernment. To find out what ww cai do ftir you, call Or wiite ftir our anniuil report. Coipoiate Headcjuaters: Viillco Pa'kway, Dept.

However, detailed examination of these facts may lead one to an entirely different set of conclusions. The unit has vastly increa. But it has also given rise to an increasing -and alarming- decentralization of information, much of which is vital to the whole organization. Sure, they tie compatible PCs together within departments. What is really needed is a solufion that addresses all of your networking problems.

A solution like Banyan's Virtual Networking System. These walk-throughs encourage! All we need to do is use Cobol as they intended. Rather than continue to struggle with such issues, the help of the vendors should be solicited. It benefits users at the. To some degree, of course, this is a sales ploy, but it can also provide an opportunity to demonstrate how the process or system might work in the organization. And we provide total support—installing on site, training on site—plus help by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All in all, only Computer Associates has everything it takes to satisfy all your financial software needs. Call or in NY and ask for Dana Williams. T he foundation of efficient on-line system performance is a concept known as the standard work unit. McAuto in St. The standard work unit applies wherever there is an on-line system that has transaction and data integrity.

Codd, founder of the relational data base model, said he expects his relational approach to data base management to be a lasting one. Codd said he was driven to develop the relational model after examining the data base management systems of the s. Cincom sports new look to aim for top F or Cincom Systems, Inc.

Management directions at Cincom will not differ greatly from their present course, said Yablonsky, who told Computerworld that he shares the business philosophy of his predecessor. It allows users to take better ad- Data Design introduces interactive query facility Las announced the I'. According to a spokesman, DD- View is said to eliminate the need for a report writer by allowing users to create on-line queries. As definitions are created, selected formats are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Data Design is located at Oakmead Pkwy. The summaries are targeted to specific businesses and industries. Updated Decisionlines are available at 9 a. EST each business day. The service can be accessed via terminal or microcomputer over dial-up lines through information networks including General Electric Information Services Co. Box , Washington, D. SAS Institute Inc. The spokesman said users can retrieve data, draw graphs, perform statistical functions or view results by using a mouse or cursor keys.

Esca is located at Suite , W. Randolph St. Texto, developed by Chemdata, S. The Logotel option also permits the user to list and save a set of commands for routine pi'oeedures. The license let' for Logotel is 1 3, Honeywell can be retiched at P. Improve Schedules Boost Programmer Morale! There is also an option for batch mode According to a siiokesman. Software Research Associates.

Adaroc, P. Release 1. Documentation is provided automatically by Exsys. Exsys, Tower 56, 56th St. Productivity Products, P. Box 26, Vernon Hills, Cyber mainframe. Continued on page 48 Wcstniinslcr. That's a lot of user confidence, and here is why. We'll show you why we are the proven leader You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain in DASD space. In California, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada call collect Suite l K Rancho Cordova. Sfi7 - i W. The standard work unit has many forms.

Inside the hourglass are grains of sand. The grains of sand are small and uniform in size. They queue on top of each other, all trying to get to a critical resource — the bottleneck in the hourglass. Once in the bottleneck, the grains of sand quickly flow through.

Now consider what happens when pebbles are put in the hourglass along with sand. The result is an uneven flow through the bottleneck. What are the factors that affect the speed of a transaction? McAuto planners originally suggested a maximum of 35 calls, but that figure varies from shop to shop.

For example, a very large program may issue only a few calls. It is that structuring of the environment that yields good on-line performance. UlUv ellntatlai. No other glare screen does more to increase productivity. A glaring problem VDT operators face. The cause of eyestrain? Reflection from office lights. And hard to read characters. The result. Impaired vision. More work breaks and absenteeism. And reduced office productivity. VDT operators can now work more efficiently and comfortably.

VU-TEK increases character legibility. VU-TEK uses a special distortion-free anti-retlective coating on the front glass surface to improve character contrast and clarity. The result Easy to install. Or mail the attached coupon for more information.

It's a vastly more complex company. The system was up and running within days. Menus and operating commands are the same for each fully integrated application. People are beginning to believe we can do the things we say we are going to do. Because there are a thousand reasons to have it. But what it really all boils down to is this: everybody will want a VAX system because they can do the job better, faster and more efficiently.

Only Digital provides you with a single, integrated computing strategy direct from desktop to data center. Models Hid and Hdd. Odd for. Model ddd, rsidt. Qwik CICS enables end ustms to create and modify [irogram selection menus, Help text, transaction error message text and network broadcast messages, a spokesman said.

Release 6. Other enhancements to Release 6. Enhancements to Version 3. In Version 3. The price for Version 3. Westmoreland Systems, P. Box , Suite 1, Park Ave. Changes in the file mainte- j nance records can be tracked : through the product's trans- j action logging facility. Users can generate file maintenance programs with defaults displayed within or outside of fields. I'p to 99 screens or windows per file maintenance program can be acces.

Screens can then be viewed sequentially or selected from a screens menu. AOS, and! Dean Road, Auburn, Ala. Introducing PCI's new Series protocol converters for or emulation—with built- in auto callback security. Auto callback. Specific device routing. And profiles. A iito callback disconnects selected users. And calls them back at pre-established locations.

Specific device routing automatically moves the valid user to a predetermined LU. And assures clean logoff if the dial-up link is disconnected. More security from PCI. Over 9, installations worldwide. PCI leadership gives you extra assurance, too—with over 9, installations now in service.

For complete information, contact PCI today. In Calif,. Telex: W'rite or call PCI today. Protocol Computers, Inc. Inc Namc- -lille- Company. The Right Informatioii at the Right Time Our Comline Reports have proved so popular, we put the latest issues on cassettes. Now you can keep current at your convenience. On tape or in print, Comline Reports will keep you up-to-date on the issues that impact your company, your data center, and your equipment planning decisions.

Why Comdisco? Comdisco is the world's largest remarketer of IBM computers and peripherals, and has consistently set the standard of excellence in the computer leasing industry since Today, our role in the industry as authorities and advisors on data processing topics has expanded dramatically. From financial issues. Comdisco professionals are making the effort to keep you informed of the issues. To thousands of Comdisco customers, our name and our standard of quality service is second nature.

To those of you who would like to learn more about the expanding scope of our services, as well as subscribe to our Comline Reports, we invite you to clip the coupon below. Limited Offer The current Comline Report issues are specified below. Simply indicate the reports you wish to receive, and mail us the coupon today! Available on Cassettes— Hurry, quantities are limited! How critical is it? Can you succeed without it?

This approach is economical, he said, because requests can be made for multiple records. Four departments — the university arehiteet. For example, some departments identify buildings by name in alphabetical order, others use numerical classifications, she said. The school is hoping Cincom products w ill help.

And if all goes according to sched-. Layton Ave. I he AA. And the more IBM charges for its software, the more value we can put on ours. How do you meet the most difficult challenge to successful business: The retention and duplication of the talent and knowledge of a few. How do you reproduce your indispensable, and incidentally, much over-worked expert or high- achiever?

We suggest you send him or her. We're Teknowledge, the premier supplier of knowledge engineering technology to America's largest companies. We have achieved this leadership position by providing the training, software tools and consulting services necessarv for organizations to implement their ow n expert systems. Using Teknowledge tools, even non-computer experts can create a computer model for distributing their expertise, while freeing themselves to solve more interesting problems.

Teknowledge has monthly training sessions w ith first availability in June. The cost is S If you are willing to make the commitment to your most valuable human assets, that week could be a major breakthrough for your company. And probably send more people to the course. But Teknowledge is more than just the manufacturer of the most extensive PC knowledge engineering package on the market. Teknowledge Inc.. Commercial applications for AI hardware and software — in the form of expert and knowledge-based systems — have begun emerging and are spawning what many consider to be the foremost future growth sector of the computer industry.

DM Data, Inc. The fifth generation is not without controversy, however. Debate has raged around AI, for example, since serious work in that field began in the s. In addition, development of fifth- generation machines has, in some quarters, become a race between the U. This inaugural section of Compu- terworld Update will examine the march toward the fifth generation and where it might lead.

What form will the new hardware architectures and software applications take? Alto, Calif. Though the seeds and first fruits of. AI have grown from traditional computing architectures, the consensus among leaders in the. John vnn Neumann mav be inade- iiuale for buihling computers able to pi'oeess information Update fast enough to usher in the age of ,AI.

According to W. Danie'l Hillis, founder of Thinking Machines Corp. Today, we write. AI programs that use a few hundred facts. Scaled up, they could take years. Source; DM Data. Companies such as F. And takes you further to Business Automation. With spreadsheet, graphic and database tools to help your staff make faster, better-informed bu. And because you can integrate the. Buzbee and D. Sharp of the Los Alamos N. These new supercomputers, employing parallel rather than serial processing, promise to bring about massive change in the computer industry during the next quarter century.

The concept of parallel processing is simple; Rather than having a. We offer a wide selection of service, training and support plans to forge your system into a cohesive, competitive weapon. Darpa is seeking machines that will increase by several orders of magnitude the speed with which expert systems and AI can be processed. Though the company will not discuss the status of the machine, it is rumored that the prototype will be ready by Parallel computation Meanwhile, researchers such as Edward Feigenbaum of Stanford, are working on models for expert systems that will incorporate parallel computation.

The problem of programming for parallel systems has not yet been solved and is considered a major obstacle to success. The project aims to show that this way of organizing the tools and the language can boost processing speed by several orders of magnitude. According to Sid FVrn- hach. The value of many of these programs has yet to be demonstrated on a wide scale, but the trend is clear. Vendors see a new market, and they are going after it.

With its vast base of support and a long list of perceived advantages, however. Lisp remains the favorite in the U. Personal computers have! Just recently entered the arti- ficial intelligence fray and, ; because of the memory and. If nothing fj Give your Information Center users freedom of choice.

It meets the needs of both eni,! For inskince, end users haw not one. Hut this is just the beginning. Kenneth G. These machines can perform hundreds of millions of arithmetic operations per second on bit words. With an appropriate interpreter.

Lisp will run on other hardware but will show a corresponding loss of performance. According to Henry Firdman, a Lexington, Mass. Burgeoning market The market for Lisp machines is a burgeoning one, though it remains miniscule in comparison with the greater computer industry. Since the first machine — the Xerox Corp. Little, Inc. Currently, the market leaders ane Symbolics, Inc. Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry unveiled a set of ambitious plans for its fifth-generation project.

The U. In March , Prof. Edward A. In it, they wrote: "The Japanese have seen gold on distant hills and have begun to move out. Zachmann, vice-president of International Data Corp. Zachmann penned his own report in w'hich he firmly disagreed with the authors. Has anything changed in your outlook? What is the status in Japan? In the first three years of the Icot project, my feeling is that Japanese computer science and technology closed the artificial intelligence gap. We both have the same number of ideas, which is very little.

They have extraordinary focus and momentum. Phase II [will last] four years for the Japanese. Four years is enough time to give us a good running start on parallel computing. William F. Please explain. Tohru Moto-Oka of the Uni- versitv of Tokyo, published in I would take issue with that statement.

The second was far in advance of American state of the art with regards to speed. They constructed large Prolog programs and gained a tremendous amount of experience in logic programming. Editors: Miodrag Lovric. Contents Search. Statistics of Extremes. Reference work entry First Online: 02 December How to cite. Introduction Statistics of extremes concerns the occurrence of rare events: catastrophic flooding due to very high tides or landslides following unusually heavy rain, structural failure of dams and bridges, massive earthquakes, stock market crashes, and so forth.

This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Balkema G, Embrechts P High risk scenarios and extremes. Wiley, New York Google Scholar. Castillo E Extreme value theory in engineering. Coles SG An introduction to statistical modeling of extreme values.

Springer, New York Google Scholar. Galambos J The asymptotic theory of extreme order statistics, 2nd edn.

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Though, as you continue, over the long term, the graph will show you the amount you average each month. Another non-essential graph but great to help keep you motivated. Particularly helpful when doing higher variance casino offers. Looking at your overall profit will remind you that your profit will dip and rise. But in the long run, by continuing to only take value, your total profit is only heading in one direction. I designed and use a simple matched betting spreadsheet with all four sections mentioned above.

I personally like building my own so it suits my needs and I know where everything is. However, if you like the look of mine, you can download a blank copy of my spreadsheet here. The Oddsmonkey Profit Tracker helps you record your daily, monthly and all-time profits. Personally, I prefer using my own spreadsheet out of habit.

Although, if I was starting matched betting now, I would definitely make use of this. The most appealing thing about the Profit Tracker is that you record your stats in the same place as you do your matched betting. Logging your bets from the matched betting calculator sends all the information you need straight to your profit tracker. This will be particularly helpful to beginners to keep them organised and less overwhelmed.

I like that you can easily see the source of your profit too. This can be useful to analyse your data over the long term. Whichever option you choose, the main thing is, have something that makes it easy for you. Get comfortable with a system that keeps admin to a minimum. Although you can view your total profit using this spreadsheet, it is nice to see a visual representation of your progress.

We'd like to see them update the spreadsheet with this feature but it's not hard to add this yourself. You can download the spreadsheet by clicking here. The Ultimatcher spreadsheet is the work of a matched betting individual and is one of the most impressive matched betting spreadsheets we've come across.

The Ultimatcher spreadsheet does take a bit of getting used to and can seem quite complicated at first. However, there is a PDF guide that comes with it which guides you through everything. If you have a bit of time to get to grips with it, this is definitely worth checking out as it's by far the best matched betting spreadsheet out there.

However, if you're looking for a quick and easy spreadsheet which you can get to grips with right away, we'd recommend one of the others we have listed. You can download the Ultimatcher Matched Betting Spreadsheet for free by clicking here. Many matched betting sites now have built in profit and bet trackers which effectively eliminates the need for matched betting spreadsheets.

So why are we posting this article? Well, call us old fashioned but some of us still like spreadsheets. Don't get me wrong, the integrated bet and profit trackers are great and we especially like the feature MatchedBets.

However, some people are used to spreadsheets and like the simplicity of them. Also, it helps when you want to add additional notes or mix up casino and sports profits for example. Spreadsheets aren't just used to keep track of your matched betting profits and bets. There are a number of spreadsheets available which serve a number of purposes and can help you generate more profit through various methods. As well as a a profit log spreadsheet, they also provide:.

Matched betting spreadsheets aren't really necessary with many matched betting sites having built in profit and bet tracking functionalities. However, some people prefer them as they can customise them easier to suit their matched betting habits and how they wish to record their funds. When choosing a matched betting spreadsheet to use or when you are creating one yourself, it really depends on what functions you would like it to do.

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Matched Betting Bet Tracking Spreadsheet

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