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Index: gstsouphttpsrc. We conclude that the number of ferric uptake regulator Fur -family dimers that bind within any given promoter varies significantly and that the thermodynamic profile of the Zur -DNA interactions directly correlates with the physiological response at different promoters. Digitale Transformation, aber wie? Watershed scale response to climate change-- Naches River Basin, Washington.

Fourteen basins for which the Precipitation Runoff Modeling System has been calibrated and evaluated were selected as study sites. Precipitation Runoff Modeling System is a deterministic, distributed parameter watershed model developed to evaluate the effects of various combinations of precipitation, temperature, and land use on streamflow and general basin hydrology.

Output from five General Circulation Model simulations and four emission scenarios were used to develop an ensemble of climate-change scenarios for each basin. These ensembles were simulated with the corresponding Precipitation Runoff Modeling System model. This fact sheet summarizes the hydrologic effect and sensitivity of the Precipitation Runoff Modeling System simulations to climate change for the Naches River Basin below Tieton River in Washington.

Extrakte auf Basis von Viscum album L. In den letzten sechs Jahren wurden verschiedene innovative systemische Therapien zur Behandlung des metastasierten malignen Melanoms MM entwickelt. In the betaproteobacterium Cupriavidus metallidurans, the highly efficient removal of surplus zinc from the periplasm is responsible for the outstanding metal resistance of the organism.

Rather than having a typical Zur -dependent, high-affinity ATP-binding cassette transporter of the ABC protein superfamily for zinc uptake at low concentrations, C. It is important to understand, therefore, how this zinc-resistant bacterium copes with exposure to low zinc concentrations. Members of the Zur regulon in C. The consensus sequence of the Zur -binding box was derived for the zupTp promoter-regulatory region by use of a truncation assay.

The motif was used to predict possible Zur boxes upstream of Zur regulon members. The binding of Zur to these boxes was confirmed. Two Zur boxes upstream of the cobW1 gene, encoding a putative zinc chaperone, proved to be required for complete repression of cobW1 and its downstream genes in cells cultivated in mineral salts medium. A Zur box upstream of each of zur -cobW2, cobW3, and zupT permitted both low expression levels of these genes and their upregulation under conditions of zinc starvation.

This demonstrates a compartmentalization of zinc homeostasis in C. Escherichia coli acquires zinc under conditions of. The components of the unique Zur regulon of Cupriavidus metallidurans mediate cytoplasmic zinc handling. Zinc is an essential trace element and at the same time it is toxic at high concentrations.

In the beta-proteobacterium Cupriavidus metallidurans the highly efficient removal of surplus zinc from the periplasm is responsible for its outstanding metal resistance. It is important to understand, therefore, how this zinc-resistant bacterium copes when it is exposed to low zinc concentrations. The consensus sequence of the Zur -binding box was derived for the zupTp promoter-regulatory region using a truncation assay.

The motif was used to predict possible Zur -boxes upstream of Zur regulon members. Binding of Zur to these boxes was confirmed. Two Zur -boxes upstream of the cobW 1 gene, encoding a putative zinc chaperone, proved to be required for complete repression of cobW 1 and its downstream genes in cells cultivated in mineral salts medium. A Zur box upstream of each of zur -cobW 2 , cobW 3 and zupT permitted low-expression level of these genes plus their up-regulation under zinc starvation conditions.

Importance Elucidating zinc homeostasis is necessary to understand both host-pathogen interactions and performance of free-living bacteria in their natural environment. Escherichia coli acquires zinc under low zinc concentrations by the Zur -controlled ZnuABC importer of the ABC superfamily, and this was also the paradigm for other. Laut einer Befragung im Jahre war der Umgang mit Antithrombotika bei dermatochirurgischen Eingriffen in Deutschland sehr heterogen.

Eine Zunahme des leitlinienkonformen Verhaltens war bei allen Eingriffen zu verzeichnen. Zum direkten Vergleich mit konventionellen Angiographien wurde ein Verfahren zur automatischen Generierung von Projektionsansichten aus den CT-Daten entwickelt.

Zur FurB is a key factor in the control of the oxidative stress response in Anabaena sp. PCC Iron and zinc are necessary nutrients whose homeostasis is tightly controlled by members of the ferric uptake regulator FUR superfamily in the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. Although the link between iron metabolism and oxidative stress management is well documented, little is known about the connection between zinc homeostasis and the oxidative stress response in cyanobacteria.

Zinc homeostasis in Anabaena is controlled by Zur , also named FurB. When overexpressed in Escherichia coli, Zur FurB improved cell survival during oxidative stress. In order to investigate the possible correlation between Zur and the oxidative stress response in Anabaena, zur deletion and zur -overexpressing strains have been constructed, and the consequences of Zur imbalance evaluated.

The lack of Zur increased sensitivity to hydrogen peroxide H2 O2 , whereas an excess of Zur enhanced oxidative stress resistance. Both mutants displayed pleiotropic phenotypes, including alterations on the filament surfaces observable by scanning electron microscopy, reduced content of endogenous H2 O2 and altered expression of sodA, catalases and several peroxiredoxins. Transcriptional and biochemical analyses unveiled that the appropriate level of Zur is required for proper control of the oxidative stress response and allowed us to identify major antioxidant enzymes as novel members of the Zur regulon.

River bathymetry and topographic data of the river channels are needed for the study to construct hydraulic models. River survey data were available for most of the study area, but river bathymetry and near-river topography were not available for Selah Gap, near the confluence of the Naches and Yakima Rivers, and for Union Gap. In August , the U. Geological Survey surveyed the areas where data were not available. An RTK GPS rover was used on a walking survey of the river banks, shallow river areas, and river bed areas that were impenetrable to the echo sounder because of high densities of macrophytes.

After the data were edited, 95, bathymetric points from the boat survey with the echo sounder and 1, points from the walking survey with the GPS rover were used in the study. The points covered 4. GPS-surveyed points checked within 0. In diesem Artikel wird ein robustes Verfahren zur Verzweigungserkennung vorgestellt.

Among Fur family proteins, Fur and Zur are ubiquitous in most prokaryotic organisms, whereas PerR exists mainly in Gram positive bacteria as a functional homologue of OxyR. Gram positive bacteria such as Bacillus subtilis, Listeria monocytogenes and Staphylococcus aureus encode three Fur family proteins: Fur, Zur , and PerR. In this study, we identified five Fur family proteins from B. Our data indicate that all of the five B. Taken together, our results suggest that B. It is broadly expressed in the hippocampal and cortical neurons, the regions which play a key role in memory formation.

They can, therefore, affect a wide array of neurobiological functions. Dick Potsdam and J. Hamel Berlin. Besides a few short notices and book reviews, the book contains eight major articles, which deal with astronomical topics covering the time from the 16th to the 19th centuries. The first article by Michael Weichenhan Berlin deals with "the invention of the disk-shaped earth: a chapter of Copernican apologetics".

The author shows that the concept of a "disc-shaped Earth" was by no means widespread in the middle ages, but restricted to the father of the church Lactantius and some adherents. Nevertheless, it was used by adherents of Copernicus to show the absurd consequences of a strictly literal biblical interpretation -- here concerning the Earth's shape, disc versus sphere, there the geocentric versus the heliocentric system.

This thorough philosophical study is followed by two very short articles. The result is that standard deviations are 80 arcseconds for Saturn and 89 arcseconds for Jupiter and Mars, an unexpectedly poor result in view of the general opinion that Tycho was famous for his precision work. While he was inclined to Galilei early on, he was forced to propagate Aristotelian doctrine.

The brief article is very concise, but extremely tiresome to read 3 pages of pure text are embellished by. Die Leitlinie stellt allgemeine Aspekte der Pharmakokinetik sowie der regulatorischen Begrifflichkeiten dar. Die Bedeutung der galenischen Grundlagen und die Problematik bei einer Substitution gegeneinander verschiedener Grundlagen werden dargestellt.

In various bacteria, Zur , a zinc-specific regulator of the Fur family, regulates genes for zinc transport systems to maintain zinc homeostasis. It has also been suggested that Zur controls zinc mobilization by regulating some ribosomal proteins. The antibiotic-producing soil bacterium Streptomyces coelicolor contains four genes for Fur family regulators, and one named zur is located downstream of the znuACB operon encoding a putative zinc uptake transporter.

Purified Zur existing as homodimers bound to the znuA promoter region in the presence of zinc, confirming the role of Zur as a zinc-responsive repressor. This finding reflects a link between thiol-oxidizing stress and zinc depletion. We determined the Zur -binding sites within znuA and rpmG2 promoter regions by footprinting analyses and identified a consensus inverted repeat sequence TGaaAatgatTttCA, where uppercase letters represent the nucleotides common to all sites analyzed.

This sequence closely matches that for mycobacterial Zur and allows the prediction of more genes in the Zur regulon. English Title: Attempts to produce catalytic antibodies for hydrolysis of arylcarbamates and arylureas. Es wurden verschiedene Hapten-Protein-Konjugate unter Verwendung unterschiedlicher Kopplungsmethoden hergestellt und charakterisiert.

Diese Werte korrelieren mit den Werten der wenigen bekannten Diphenylcarbamat-spaltenden Abzyme. Dies beweist, dass die Hydrolyse in der Antigenbindungsstelle stattfindet. Born in Gelsenkirchen-Buer in Germany on March 11th, , Professor Harald zur Hausen, Emeritus Professor of Virology at the University of Freiburg and Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of human papillomavirus HPV , which causes cervical cancer, believes that good knowledge of virological methods and diagnostic possibilities are an asset for all young paediatricians.

Professor zur Hausen considers that the creation of an educational platform on Paediatric Virology is definitely very beneficial for young paediatricians, as this will greatly enhance their knowledge in the field of Virology. He very actively advocates the vaccination of boys for the eradication of HPV infection and emphasises that male HPV vaccination should be included into the current vaccination programmes. He would have certainly considered Dr George N. In the context of the 3rd Workshop on Paediatric Virology, which will be held in Athens, Greece, on October 7th, , Professor zur Hausen will give his plenary lecture on 'Paediatric Virology and Oncology: Virus persistence and the important first years of life'.

Size resolved IR action spectra of neutral sodium doped methanol clusters have been measured using IR excitation modulated photoionisation mass spectroscopy. Only for this cluster size a shift in the isomer composition with cluster temperature has been observed, which may be related to kinetic stabilisation of less Na solvated clusters at low temperatures.

This finding points to the relevance of previously proposed non-vertical photoionisation dynamics of this system. Nur in dieser Kombination werden sich nachhaltig Wettbewerbsvorteile generieren lassen. Manch ein Kunde wird die Lust, einen Prozess zu Ende zu gehen, schon vor dem Abschluss verlieren, wenn er nicht unmittelbar und ohne die digitale Welt zu verlassen zum Ziel kommt. This paper presents an account of how I developed the Dialogos approach to practical philosophy through action inquiry research.

Core perspectives, traditions and purposes involved in the action…. Streptomyces coelicolor contains paralogous versions of seven ribosomal proteins S14, S18, L28, L31, L32, L33, and L36 , which differ in their potential to bind structural zinc. Zur controls the expression of three transcriptional units including rpmG2, rpmE2, rpmB2, rpsN2, rpmF2, and possibly rpsR2.

Zur also controls the expression of the znuACB operon, which is predicted to encode a high-affinity zinc transport system. Zinc-responsive regulation of alternative ribosomal protein genes in Streptomyces coelicolor involves zur and sigmaR.

We show that the level of expression of four transcriptional units encoding C - proteins is elevated under conditions of zinc deprivation. Surprisingly, the zinc-responsive control of the rpmG3-rpmJ2 operon is dictated by sigma R , a sigma factor that was previously shown to control the response to disulfide stress in S. The induction of sigma R activity during zinc limitation establishes an important link between thiol-disulfide metabolism and zinc homeostasis.

Strom hinausgehen. The 15th volume of the Acta Historica Astronomiae is at the same time the fifth collection of essays on the history of astronomy Beitraege zur Astronomiegeschichte, Band 5 , edited by the historians of astronomy W. Besides a few short notices and book reviews, the book contains 11 major articles, which deal with astronomical topics covering the time from the 16th to the 20th centuries.

The first article, on the analysis and interpretation of historical horoscopes as a source of the history of science, is based on the inaugural lecture of its author, Guenther Oestmann. After a general introduction, which deals with the principles of horoscope making, the author discusses the horoscope of Count Heinrich Ranzau , the Danish governor of Schleswig-Holstein, who was a friend of Tycho Brahe. Oestmann shows that the astronomical-mathematical basis of such a horoscope can be reconstructed and interpreted.

However, it is hardly possible to gain an insight in the process how the interpretation of a horoscope was done in detail. The second and third articles, by Franz Daxecker, deal with Athanasius Kircher and Christoph Scheiner, two catholic astronomers of the 17th century. Kircher's Organum Mathematicum is a calculating device that can be used in the fields of arithmetic, geometry, chronology, astronomy, astrology and others.

The author provides extracts of the description of the Organum taken from a book by Caspar Schott, which deal with chronology and astronomy. A photograph of the Organum indicates that this tool consists of a set of tables glued on wooden or cardboard, but details of its contents and applications remain pretty obscure for the reader - a few elaborated examples would have been helpful.

The second paper deals with the life of Christoph Scheiner SJ, the co-discoverer of sunspots next to Galileo , after leaving Rome in - the year of the Galileo trial. Scheiner spent his later years in the Austrian and. Congdon Schuler Canal, onto the Selah map, approximately 3. Nasir al din al-Tusi was one of the most important universal scholars of Islam.

As a convinced Aristotelian, he rejected Ptolemy's modifications of the Aristotelian dogma of uniform circular motion. He created a theory of lunar motion which is only based on uniform circular motion, and which results in the same representation of lunar motion as conceived by Ptolemy.

He successfully attempted to consciously preserve, and not to correct, an error of Ptolemy's theory the doubling of the earth-moon distance in the syzygies as compared to the quadratures. We explain the Tusi mechanism and point out its philosophical consequences the unwanted dissolution of the difference between the extra- and intralunar world. Parental stress is increased in clinical contexts e. In addition, parental stress can result in a biased parental perception of child's behavior and emotions.

As expected, increased EBSK scores were overrepresented in the clinical sample. In both samples stressed parents reported having children with more behavioral and emotional problems. Children of stressed parents in turn reported significantly less problems than their parents did.

The rating of independent third persons, e. Restrictions in methodology and conclusions for practice are discussed. Zur Schaffung einer umfassenden benutzerfreundlichen und nahtlosen IT-Infrastruktur ist die Beteiligung aller organisatorischen Einheiten und Ebenen erforderlich. Jedes Individuum wurde eindeutig am individuellen Strophentypenrepertoire identifiziert.

Der Wandel des Dialektes erfolgt graduell in Raum und Zeit. Daher sind keine scharfen Dialektgrenzen anzutreffen. Trotz dieser Tatsache markieren die etablierten Strophentypen die Population. Der Kanalisationsbau ist auch immer ein Ausdruck der Kultur eines Volkes gewesen. So kann festgestellt werden, dass im Zusammenhang mit der Hochkultur eines Volkes auch der Kanalbau ein vorherrschendes Thema war.

Der Kanalbau steht auch in einem engen Zusammenhang mit dem Wasserleitungsbau. Physik gestern und heute Spurensuche. In the Berlin Observatory was moved from the center of the city to Babelsberg on the outskirts of Berlin, now part of Potsdam. The new observatory was considerably larger in size and with respect to its staff, and it had got a completely new equipment. At that time it was the most modern astronomical observatory in Germany and possibly even in Europe. However, the scientific results achieved afterward were not comparable to that of other institutions, especially in the USA.

A main reason was the conservative concept for the observatory, drawn up by Wilhelm Foerster and his colleagues, and restricting the work to classical fields of astronomy. Foerster's successor Hermann Struve tried to follow rather strictly this concept as well as the traditions of his family of astronomers. This led to conflicts with his collaborators Eugen Goldstein, Erwin Finlay Freundlich and Paul Guthnick, who were interested rather in astrophysics than in the classical problems. Federal Register , , , , In doing so, they have not only departed from the Soviet-style education model, but also recognised that education constitutes a key issue in competition.

Despite some economic problems, the education reforms in these countries have been regarded as part of a major effort at integrating themselves into the European sphere of knowledge. Many of the efforts and measures in education policy envisaged and carried out since the systemic change occurred have led not only to revitalizing national educational heritages, but also to the independent adoption of other European and international trends and topics in educational discourse.

Thereby, these states have proved to be considerably more innovative and flexible than the "older" members of the EU. The prospect of being taken up into the EU has probably helped accelerate the entire process. The present study focuses on some key overarching developments in the educational landscape of states in Central and Eastern Europe, even as it is apparent that these are proceeding along different paths at different speeds.

Werner Heisenberg zum Geburtstag: Pionier der Quantenmechanik. Einsteins Spuren in den Archiven der Wissenschaft: Physikgeschichte. Insbesondere die Pionierarbeiten werden inzwischen als bekannt vorausgesetzt und nicht mehr explizit zitiert. Hinderniserkennung und -verfolgung mit einer PMD-kamera im automobil.

Nach einem initialen Filterprozess werden im Tiefenbild mit Hilfe eines Bereichswachstumsverfahrens Hindernisse gesucht. Sanuki T et al. Wirkstoffe, Medikamente und Mathematische Bildverarbeitung. Die Entwicklung neuer Medikamente ist langwierig und teuer.

Duricrust fragments are higher in S than fines, but samples from both landing sites are surprisingly similar. We suggest that Martian surface materials are aeolian deposits of complex mixtures of weathering products of maficultramafic rocks, possibly consisting of iron-rich clays, sulfates, iron oxides, carbonates, and chlorides.

Zur Biologie des marinen Heterotardigraden Tetrakentron synaptae. Eggs and juveniles were found only in June and July, adults only from May to October. There are vagile males and stationary dwarf males. The dorsoventrally flattened body, an enlarged slimy epicuticle in females and dwarf males, the full set of claws also in juveniles, and the anus, which is in a dorsocaudal position, are indicative for an epizoic, sessile life.

There is strong evidence that T. Zur Biologie von Paramphiascella fulvofasciata Copepoda, Harpacticoida. All developmental stages of P. The feeding of the nauplii is advanced by a marginal setule-crest of the labrum which prevents food-particles from being swept away.

The oral appendages of the copepodites circumscribe a frustal space ventral to the mouth which facilitates uptake of food-particles. The nauplii are not able to swim and perform stalking movements with their antennal endopodites. Good swimming ability as well as digging-in-behaviour and negative phototaxis of the copepodites indicate epi- as well as inbenthic mode of life. Several life-cycle characters are described. Precopula lasts ca.

The number of nauplii per egg double -sac amounts to 25 The whole developmental period lasts 28 days. The maximal lifespan in the laboratory is days. Sex-ratio is almost balanced. Females produce egg-sacs more than 3. Seasonal effects on reproductive activity have not been detected in laboratory cultures. Zur Biosynthese von Phenylalanin und Tyrosin.

With the discovery of arogenic acid two new pathways for the biosynthesis of phenylalanine and tyrosine have been revealed. The occurrence of two, three, or four pathways for the biosynthesis of phenylalanine and tyrosine in microorganisms and plants may be a useful tool for taxonomic classifications. Investigations on enterobacteriaceae, pseudomonads, flavobacteria, streptomycetes, archaebacteria, and on Sphaerotilus, Trichococcus and Leptothrix species from bulking sludge are described.

The possible role of arogenate in the evolution of the pathways for tyrosine and phenylalanine biosynthesis is discussed. Die Hiatushernie war nach einer dieser Behandlung endoskopisch nicht mehr nachweisbar. Prospektive kontrollierte klinische Studien sind notwendig, um den Stellenwert von osteopathischen Behandlungen bei GERD mit Hiatushernie zu untersuchen.

Published by S. Nichtkontinuierliche zeitdiskrete Signale. Dass beide Signale gleichwertig sind, zeigt das Abtasttheorem Kap. Indigenous people of the world have used the services of medicine men and traditional healers from time immemorial. With an emerging globalization of health services in the world, there is a need for western mental health practitioners to learn and understand the practices of indigenous healers across the globe.

This paper will not only highlight the similarities and differences between Yoruba traditional healers of Western Nigeria and Native American and First Nation Canadian traditional healers, but it will also allow practitioners to gain clearer perspectives of indigenous clients from Yoruba land and those from the United States of America and Canada.

This ultimately will inform culturally sensitive clinical practice with these populations. TTB invites comments on this proposed addition to the Bureau's Subdivision of Holocene Baltic sea sediments by their physical properties [Gliederung holozaner ostseesedimente nach physikalischen Eigenschaften. The Holocene sediment sequence of a core taken within the centre of the Eastern Gotland Basin was subdivided into 12 lithostratigraphic units based on MSCL-data sound velocity, wet bulk density, magnetic susceptibility using a multivariate classification method.

The lower 6 units embrace the sediments until the Litorina transgression, and the upper 6 units subdivide the brackish-marine Litorina- and post-Litorina sediments. The upper lithostratigraphic units reflect a change of anoxic laminated and oxic non-laminated sediments.

By application of a numerical stratigraphic correlation method the zonation was extended laterally onto contiguous sediment cores within the central basin. Consequently the change of anoxic and oxic sediments can be used for a general lithostratigraphic subdivision of sediments of the Gotland Basin. A quantitative criterion based on the sediment-physical lithofacies is added to existing subdivisions of the Holocene in the Baltic Sea.

Das Durchschnittsalter bei Therapiebeginn betrug 48 Jahre. Zur Beurteilung der Langzeitwirkung und -sicherheit sowie der Wirksamkeit einer intermittierenden Therapie sind kontrollierte Studiendaten sowie Beobachtungen im Rahmen von Patientenregistern notwendig. The sperm cells of Patella coerulea Patellacea , Monodonta turbinata, and Gibbula tumida Trochacea were investigated by means of transmission electron microscopy. Their head contains an apical acrosome and a roundish nucleus followed by 4 or 5 mitochondria and a centriolar apparatus which consists of two centrioles, one of which bears a flagellum.

The sperm cells of Monodonta and Gibbula are very similar to each other and differ mainly in size; Patella exhibits more differences very small acrosome, subacrosomal space, variable number of spherical mitochondria origin of spermic dimorphism?

The development of the sperm cells shows no peculiarities. Planungsmodelle und Planungsmethoden. Anhaltspunkte zur Strukturierung und Gestaltung von Planungsprozessen. The topic of this article ist the question, in which phases oft he political planning process planners apply their methodological set of tools.

That for the results of a research-project are presented, which were gained by an examination of planning-cases in learned journals. Firstly it is argued, which model oft he planning-process is most suitable to reflect the regarded cases and how it is positioned to models oft he political process.

Thereafter it is analyzed, which types of planning methods are applied in the several stages oft he planning process. The central findings: Although complex, many planning processes can be thouroughly pictured by a linear modell with predominantly simple feedback loops. Even in times of he communicative turn, concerning their set of tools, planners should pay attention to apply not only communicative methods but as well the classical analytical-rational methods.

They are helpful especially for the understanding of the political process before and after the actual planning phase. Zeitspiel ist keine Alternative - Warum der Wandel zur Pflicht wird. Die Energiewelt wird durch den digitalen Wandel nicht verschont bleiben.

During the increasing dissemination of renewable energy sources the potential and actual interference effects of wind turbine plants became obvious. Turbines reflect the signals of weather radar and other radar systems. As a result, building permit is refused for numerous new wind turbines, as the potential interference can not be reliably predicted. As a contribution to the improvement of this predictability, measurements are planned which aim at the high-frequency characterisation of wind energy installations.

In this paper, a cost-effective FMCW radar is presented, which is operated in the same frequency band C-band as the weather radars of the German weather service. Here, the focus is on the description of the hardware design including the considerations used for its dimensioning. Discusses a German frequency list of 1, to 2, scientific words, which is being developed, and the importance of learning word-building principles. Substantive and adjective suffixes are listed according to frequency, followed by remarks on copulative compounds, with examples and frequency ranking, and, finally, prefixes.

Text is in German. In the Federal Republic of Germany there have in recent years been many varied encounters between Germans and representatives of other cultures, particularly those from Third World countries. These have increasingly been organized with an awareness of global interdependence and have as a result opened the door to the influence of foreign cultures and to an unmistakeable movement in the direction of a multicultural society.

An intercultural pedagogical approach and didactic theory are faced with the task of resolving the consequent problems related to education and training. The author firstly attempts to systematize as a typology the practice of learning as it occurs in intercultural encounters in so far as this relates to the Federal Republic of Germany. Grundvoraussetzungen herzchirurgischer Einheiten zur Behandlung von Patienten mit angeborenen Herzfehlern. This document defines fundamental structures of congenital cardiac surgery departments in Germany.

In Germany, pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery facilities caring for patients with congenital cardiac defects are subject to certain regulations. For example, in the Federal Joint Committee implemented the resolution on Quality Assurance Measures in the Provision of Cardiac Surgical Care for Children and Adolescents directive congenital cardiac surgery which regulates structural and process quality compulsorily.

To date, fundamental and considerable differences of the respective departments persist. Congenital cardiac surgery departments have to provide the whole spectrum of the cardiac surgical therapy from the neonate to the adult with congenital cardiac defects with the exception of heart transplantation continuously and with the appropriate experience.

Furthermore, the departments have to prove their constant scientific activity and ensure that they facilitate education and training for the specialty certification in cardiac surgery. The responsible surgeons of all congenital cardiac surgery departments commit to participate in the currently voluntary national quality assurance for congenital cardiac defects of the GSTCVS and the GSPC and perform an individual surgical outcome assessment and risk stratification.

This is supplemented by the willingness for external certification specific to the individual and the facilitation of peer review procedures for quality assurance purposes. Additional measures, such as collaboration in clinical research and ongoing interdisciplinary education and training, are preferable. A multiple regression analysis showed the interrelationships between the parameters measured.

Tidal influences on zooplankton and seston dry weight could be observed. At low tide, the amount of zooplankton not counting the harpacticoid copepods declines and the number of harpacticoid copepods rises as does the seston dry weight too. The chlorophyll-a content is a function of the phytoplankton-nutrients.

An increase in chlorophyll-a leads to a decrease in nitrogen and silicate concentrations. The availability of nutrients is influenced by temperature, salinity and the tidal cycle. The amount of oxygen is dependent on water temperature and seston dry weight. High water temperatures and a high seston content lead to a decrease in oxygen concentrations. The reasons for creating international auxiliary languages, such as Esperanto, are examined. The study of the synthesis of such languages is considered useful for linguistic theory.

Available from Humanities Press, Inc. In the context of an application for a shale gas exploration license including hydraulic fracturing, the Geological Survey of Hessen HLNUG has grouped and ranked structural geological regions in terms of their shale gas potential and the function of overlying rocks as barriers.

Tectonic and structural features as well as the type of reservoir have been examined. Rock units overlying the shale gas layers have been classified as hydrogeological units and divided into aquifers and hydraulic barriers. Possible effects on drinking water abstraction facilities, mineral springs and water for industrial use have also been estimated, followed by an analysis of competing requirements for land use.

Tokamak und Stellarator - zwei Wege zur Fusionsenergie: Fusionsforschung. Parallel soll die in Greifswald entstehende Forschungsanlage Wendelstein 7-X die Kraftwerkstauglichkeit des alternativen Bauprinzips der Stellaratoren zeigen. Knowing the hydraulic conductivity K is a precondition for understanding groundwater flow processes in the subsurface. Numerous laboratory and field methods for the determination of hydraulic conductivity exist, which can lead to significantly different results.

In order to quantify the variability of these various methods, the hydraulic conductivity was examined for an industrial silica sand Dorsilit using four different methods: 1 grain-size analysis, 2 Kozeny-Carman approach, 3 permeameter tests and 4 flow rate experiments in large-scale tank experiments.

Due to the large volume of the artificially built aquifer, the tank experiment results are assumed to be the most representative. Hydraulic conductivity values derived from permeameter tests show only minor deviation, while results of the empirically evaluated grain-size analysis are about one magnitude higher and show great variances. The latter was confirmed by the analysis of several methods for the determination of K-values found in the literature, thus we generally question the suitability of grain-size analyses and strongly recommend the use of permeameter tests.

Caudal regeneration was investigated in decerebrate Anaitides mucosa and in brain-intact individuals. Both groups show an identical capacity to regenerate lost caudal segments. Furthermore there is no difference in males and females. At the same time degeneration of most oocytes occurs. Mikrobielle Kurzzeitteste zur Bestimmung der mutagenen Potenz chemischer Substanzen. During the last 20 years it became much more interesting to test new chemicals as fast as possible for their carcinogenic potency.

Therefore new test models were developed. Mutagenicity seems to be one sign for carcinogenicity. Therefore test systems using microorganisms were studied which are influenced by mutagenic substances. The yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae was introduced some years ago and finally the Neurospora crassa system serves as an additional test to define exactly the localisation of mutations.

The tests and their problems are discussed. Gedanken und Experimente nach Einstein, Podolsky und Rosen. Physikalische Systeme sind im Prinzip separierbar. Diese erweisen einmal mehr die Quantenmechanik als richtige Theorie. Thoughts and Experiments after Einstein, Podolsky and RosenSince the advent of quantum mechanics there have been attempts of its interpretation in terms of statistical theory concerning individual classical systems. The very conditions necessary to consider hidden variable theories describing these individual systems as classical had been pointed out by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen in 1.

Physical systems are in principle separable. If it is possible to predict with certainty the value of a physical quantity without disturbing the system under consideration, then there exists an element of physical reality corresponding to this physical quantity. Together they are, as was shown by Bell in , incompatible in principle with quantum mechanics and no more tenable in view of recent experiments.

These experiments once more corroborate quantum theory. In order to understand their results we are forced either to drop the assumption of separability of physical systems taken for self-evident in classical physics or to change our concept of physical reality. After investigating the notion of separability and connecting the EPR-correlations to the measurement problem we, conclude that a change of the concept of physical reality is indispensable.

The revised concept should be compatible with both classical and quantum physics in order to allow a uniform view of the physical world. Die Evaluierung der Umsetzung belegt den deutlichen Mehrwert des Ansatzes. Zusammenarbeit aus Sicht eines outgesourcten Instandhalters. Dauerhafter Unternehmenserfolg ist nur mit einer fortschrittlichen Instandhaltung zu erzielen.

In diesem Beitrag wird die Entwicklung der InfraServ Knapsack von einer internen Instandhaltungsabteilung hin zu einem Industriellen Dienstleister beschrieben und Aspekte der Zusammenarbeit mit externen Kunden aus der Sicht des outgesourcten Instandhalters geschildert. Nach dem die Studierenden der Chemie in den ersten Semestern ihres Studiums ausrei chen de theoretische Kenntnisse in Allgemeiner, Anorganischer, Organischer und Physikalischer Chemie erlangt haben, soll die Technische Chemie einen Blick auf die praktische Anwendung dieser Naturwissenschaft in unserer Wirtschaft lenken.

In Anbetracht der langen Historie der Medizintechnik ist sie jedoch eine sehr junge Disziplin. Nachdem wir uns mit den Prinzipien der ART und einigen Beispielen vertraut gemacht haben, kommen wir nun zur Berechnung des Zwillingsparadoxons aus Sicht des reisenden Zwillings.

Sie befindet sich in ihrem System S'in Ruhe. Nach einiger Zeit werden die Triebwerke abgeschaltet, und das Raumschiff fliegt mit konstanter Geschwindigkeit weiter, Phase 2. Die Erde, auf der sich Michael befindet, bewegt sich mit x' t' aus Sicht von Katrin im freien Fall von ihr weg, s. In order to continue and generalize the studies of the density matrix of a light field undergoing k-photon absorption, in this paper we put the emphasis on the off-diagonal elements.

The solution obtained earlier for the diagonal elements describing the photon statistics can be found as a special case but will not be discussed again. The general solution calculated by recursion shows an asymptotic behaviour if the initial photon number is sufficiently high. Only the initial phase information survives. Illustrating the solution we start with coherent light and a generalized coherent state. Nichtinterventionelle Studie bei erwachsenen Patientinnen mit leichter bis mittelschwerer Akne.

Theoretische Konzepte der Physik. Als Vehikel seiner Absichten dienen dem Autor geschichtliche Fallstudien, insgesamt sieben an der Zahl. Sie sind originell, didaktisch klug und genieren sich auch nicht, von der Faszination zu sprechen, die The fibre distribution is random planar parallel to the flat faces of the dc four-point resistivity specimens machined from the solution treated castings.

Some practical recommendations concerning the use of alumina short fibre reinforced AZ91 alloy are made on the basis of the results obtained. Zusammenfassung Hintergrund Persistierende Infektionen mit humanen Papillomviren sind die notwendige Ursache des Zervixkarzinoms. Der Fokus liegt jetzt auf der Integration von neuen Testverfahren im Screening von Populationen mit zunehmenden Impfraten. Die Therapie mit Mistelextrakten Viscum album L. Selected Literature According to Subject Field.

Measurement and Control Techniques in Nuclear Reactors. One hundred and eighty-one references on measurement and control techniques in nuclear reactors are presented. The period covered is Jan. The references are arranged by subject and report number and author indexes are included. If these are eliminated, which is relatively simple over a water surface, the differences between calculated and measured The relative variation of the divergence with height is somewhat greater over water than over land, due to the different temperature profiles.

Evidence suggests that exercise decreases nicotine withdrawal symptoms in humans; however, the mechanisms mediating this effect are unclear. Mecamylamine-precipitated withdrawal symptoms were assessed on day Plasma corticosterone and brain BDNF levels were also measured. These findings shed light onto the mechanism underlining the protective effect of exercise on the development of nicotine dependence.

This article is part of a themed section on Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors. Bis heute wurden allerdings keine Parameter identifiziert, welche reproduzierbar ein gutes klinisches Ansprechen dieser Therapie vorhersagen. Die Mehrheit der Patienten empfand die Therapie mit Rituximab als die beste Therapie im Vergleich zu anderen Therapien wie beispielsweise chirurgische Exzision oder Radiotherapie.

Groundwater pollution with organic contaminants remains a world-wide problem. Before selection of any remediation technique, it is important to pre-assess contaminated sites with respect to their hazard. These approaches differ from each other in source geometry, model domain orientation, and in the consideration of bio chemical reaction within the domain.

In this communication, we provide details about the development of "NAFLA", its possible usage and information for users. The tool is especially designed for application in student education, by authorities and consultants. Von den Flitterwochen zur distanzierten Partnerschaft. A recent wave of takeovers by private equity investors and foreign investors from emerging economies has challenged German executives. In cases of friendly takeovers, as described in this study, managers at first appear to extend a cosmopolitan welcome to the new owners.

However, further analysis of structural hermeneutics reveals latent normative professional ethics of managers which lead to practices of distancing, in particular from young investors from China, India, and Russia. Traces the history of sociolinguistic studies in West Germany from the early nineteenth century with Humboldt and reports on the state and purposes of sociolinguistic studies in present-day Federal Republic of Germany.

Dass diese Entwicklung noch lange nicht abgeschlossen ist, zeigt die derzeitige Diskussion zum Thema Web 2. The estimation of groundwater recharge in water-limited environments is challenging due to climatic conditions, the occurrence of deep unsaturated zones, and specialized vegetation. We critically examined two methods based on stable isotopes of soil water: i the interpretation of natural isotope depth-profiles and subsequent approximation of recharge using empirical relationships and ii the use of deuterium-enriched water 2H2O as tracer.

Numerous depth-profiles were measured directly in the field in semiarid Namibia using a novel in-situ technique. Additionally, 2H2O was injected into the soil and its displacement over a complete rainy season monitored. The results of this study fortify the suitability of water stable isotope-based approaches for recharge estimation and highlight enormous potential for future studies of water vapor transport and ecohydrological processes.

This paper reports experience with direct quantitative trace element determinations in powdered geological samples by nameless atomic absorption spectroscopy. Two methods were explored. The first one is based on the production of a sample aerosol by laser radiation in a specifically designed sample chamber and the subsequent transport of the aerosol into a graphite tube, which has been preheated to a stable temperature.

This technique is suited for a large range of concentration and is relatively free from matrix interferences. The described sample chamber can be also used in combination with other spcctroscopic techniques. The second method explored permits the quantitative determination of trace elements at very low concentrations.

Essentially an accurately weighed amount of sample is placed on a graphite rod and introduced into a graphite furnace by inserting the rod through the sample injection port. Atomization takes place also under stable temperature conditions. Acidic microenvironmental conditions combined with large hypoxic areas are ubiquitous hallmarks of most solid tumors.

They result from a poorly organized vascularization and a deviant energy metabolism. There is convincing evidence supporting the hypothesis that such physico-chemical conditions promote the microevolution of malignant cells, inhibit the cellular immune response, and favor tumor cell invasion. In agreement with published data, our cell biological analyses and computer simulations indicate that treatment schemes which restore a tumor microenvironment reflecting that one found in normal tissues might improve the efficiency of immunotherapies and classical methods for cancer treatment.

We suggest that the tumor microenvironment could be effectively monitored and manipulated by means of silicon-based feedback bioactuators which are controlled by integrated microsensors. In principle, miniaturized bioactuators can be implanted directly at the sites of inoperable tumors and metastases where they function as a "pH clamp" and thereby can reconstitute normal physico-chemical conditions. Drug application could be precisely controlled by an integrated microprocessor.

Our paper summarizes the current state of development of microsensor-based feedback bioactuators and outlines possible applications in biophysical cancer treatment. This book collects about 15 papers most of them by one single author on Einstein and the history of general relativity GR and the foundations of relativistic cosmology. The matter not only deals with Einstein and his times, but also with pre-GR ideas, and with the interplay of Einstein and his colleagues opposing as well as supporting personalities.

As the title indicates, all papers are written in German, but they include comprehensive Abstracts both in German and English. The book is illustrated with quite a number classical - but also some far more original though not less beautiful - photographs and facsimiles of documents. The book is edited very well, though the style of references is not quite homogeneous. There is no Index. Hentschel covers Einstein's argumentation for the existence of graviational redshift, and the initial search for empirical support.

The error analysis of observational evidence supporting relativistic light deflection is discussed in a paper by P. In particular, H. Duerbeck and P. Flin - in their description of the life and work of Silberstein, who was quite sceptic on the significance of the observational verifications a la Eddington - include the transcription of two most revealing letters by Silberstein to Sommerfeld and to Einstein In the first letter, Silberstein clearly shows his scientific maturity and integrity by scrutinising the observational evidence supporting light deflection, presented at a joint meeting of the Royal Society and the Royal Astronomical Society.

The second letter, which is more a personal letter, includes lots of political references and connotations. Some of Einstein's political views are also revealed by D. Herrmann on the basis of his own correspondence with E. Straus, a collaborator of Einstein's. In a consequent paper, S. Grundmann gives remarks on Herrmann's contribution and illustrates Einstein's attitude towards Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.

Schemmel discusses Schwarzschild's cosmological speculations, and wonders why some people do immediately grasp the meaning and consequence of newly proposed doctrines, whereas the bulk of the contemporaneous scientists respond in a rather low profile. Jung reviews Einstein's contribution to cosmology, leading to the Friedmann-Einstein and Einstein-de Sitter universes with a detailed Appendix on the Friedmann-Lemaitre cosmology , and also presents the cosmological work of Selety, and his correspondence with Einstein.

In a subsequent paper, H. Schmidt comments on Einstein's criticism on de Sitter's solution of the Einstein field equations. Controversies with Einstein are elaborated by G. Singer on Friedmann and by K. Roessler on Lemaitre. Renn and T. Sauer discuss Mandl's role in the publication history of Einstein's papers, notably Einstein's short paper on gravitational lensing. Finally, the book concludes with a contribution by D.

Herrmann about the relationship between Einstein and Archenhold Observatory where Einstein gave his first Berlin popular lecture in , the transcription of H. Treder's public address at the Einstein memorial plaque, and an inventory list of about 50 Einstein memorabilia - monuments, busts, plaques - compiled by W.

This book is based on ideas approached in a historical context from the individual perspective of the authors. It is a real treasure trove of information and basic references on the history of GR, and it also covers quite some grounds with mathematical equations.

For many tracer experiments, prior determination of interaction between solid medium and used tracers is of major interest in order to achieve efficient, economic and successful field experiments. In the present study, three different types of batch experiments were performed with three fluorescent dyes Na-Fluorescein, Amidorhodamin G and Tinopal CBS-X and three different rock types sandstone, claystone and limestone , to determine distribution coefficients and reaction kinetics.

All three rock types were analysed for organic carbon content, specific surface area and mineralogical composition to identify the main sorption mechanisms. For all tracers, different sorption properties were found depending on the type of rock. Only Na-Fluorescein showed sorption albeit limited in contact with the sandstones. Regarding reaction kinetics, in most cases, thermodynamic equilibrium conditions were reached after two weeks. Reforms and Innovations in Estonian Education.

Baltische Studien zur Erziehungs- und Sozialwissenschaft. Volume This collection of papers provides a small overview of educational research in Estonia. The papers in the collection treat school reforms since the renewal of independence in , new approaches to teacher training, the implementation of a child-centred approach in school, the achieving of educational aims and other actual topics in education. In urban areas of the Swiss Alps the use of geothermal energy from several hundred meters depth becomes increasingly important.

For this mainly open systems have priority. This work presents the first insights in the prospection and characterisation of the so far unexplored, utilizable, and abundant Aquifer of the Arosa Dolomites. Besides the use of established methods and techniques, such as seismic measurements, an exploration drilling, borehole geophysical measurements, and pumping tests, the application of the KARSYS-approach for geological and conceptual hydrogeological 3D-modelling of the aquifer is illustrated.

In addition, the development of a viewer for 3D-visualization of drillings is documented. The hydrogeological and metrological approaches allow a lithological facies differentiation of the Arosa Dolomites, and a differentiation of the fractured and karstified areas within the aquifer. The results represent the basis for advanced findings optimizing and risks minimising exploration and drilling planning, and for sustainable utilization planning.

Studien zur Erwachsenenbildung, Band These 17 articles on different subjects of the broader theme "lifelong learning" represent the latest results of the discussions of the Vocational Education and Culture Research Network. An introduction Klaus Harney et al. This collection includes eight papers authored by Germans on adult education programs in Cleveland, Ohio, and eight papers authored by Americans about adult education programs in the Federal Republic of Germany as well as German and English introductions to the collection.

The following papers are included: "Neue Wege in der…. Describes the purpose, structure and application of this monolingual verb lexicon, which indicates the morphosyntactic environments of the most common German verbs. Mention is made of the forthcoming valence lexicon. The book is for teachers and textbook writers. Learning to read foreign technical texts requires a a minimum vocabulary and b effective drill.

The following are suggested: translation, question-answer method, definition exercises, exercises to develop skill in the use of reference works, schematic presentations and tables, annotating and making reports and summaries.

In areas where the geological subsurface is used for storage of gases or fracking, there is a risk of saline formation water entering protected aquifers. The impact of such potential leakage therefore needs to be evaluated at relevant sites to develop practical monitoring concepts. Three-dimensional numerical simulations and a sensitivity analysis are performed to determine the influence of aquifer parameters, ground water flow, aquifer morphology, leakage rate and NaCl-concentration of the intruding water on the propagation behaviour of saline water.

The simulations show that saltwater migrates along the bottom of the aquifer, and that groundwater flow can dominate the transport of chloride. In this case the spreading of denser water is not influenced by the aquifer's morphology. This innovative technology evaluation report ITER summarized the results of an evaluation of a surfactant-enhanced extraction technology. This evaluation was conducted under a bilateral agreement between the United States U.

Grundlegende Steuerungsverfahren im heterogenen Logistiknetz mit Kanban. In vielen Unternehmen werden heterogene verschiedene Steuerungen in einem abgestimmten Konzept kombiniert. Die wesentliche Fragestellung sollte folglich lauten: Warum ist der Ablauf nicht mit einer einfachen Steuerung wie Kanban abzubilden? Der Zusammenhang zwischen Lungenkrebs und Ekzemen bleibt umstritten. In der Forschungsdatenbank der taiwanesischen nationalen Krankenversicherung identifizierten wir Patienten, bei denen in den Jahren bis ein Ekzem neu diagnostiziert wurde.

Die von der BSL abzugrenzende Lipomatosis dolorosa tritt bevorzugt bei Frauen mittleren Alters auf und ist durch Vermehrung des Fettgewebes sowie starke Schmerzen in den betroffenen Bereichen gekennzeichnet. Evidenzbasierte Therapieempfehlungen existieren nicht. Stenting und technische Stentumgebung. Die KHK war im Jahre mit Nach der Tumorresektion kann die Rekonstruktion biologisch oder mit Endoprothesensystemen erfolgen.

Implantate in der Augenheilkunde.


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4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Al-Masaq: Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean 1 (March. ), pp. The existence of this type of organization forces us to reflect on the role of mystical religious 34 These two works have been published in recent years; see Shams al-Dîn you've sat in this mosque hungry and alone for how long now! You're a. STATE OF MICHIGAN. DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION. Application for Bhall place all rernit fees so paid to kind in the general food. Section 5.